my little nugget is SIX months old today! I can’t believe it. she’s already half a year old. I never believed parents when they said time went by in a flash, but it really does. it seems like just yesterday i was in the hospital in labor, and then holding my tiny little newborn. she’s turning into a marvelous little person and i love her more than anything <3

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me and my booger machine!


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reflective piece of shit.

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my crooked face ~

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my lips are so ripped up if you kissed me right now you’d taste pennies.

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rockin my default exhausted mom Look today ~

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Oh my god someone stop me please. I miss my bump so much. I feel like I spent so much of my pregnancy being worried about our finances and living situation that I forgot to really enjoy and savor it :(♡

do not reblog.

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full of smiles for me today

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selfie queens

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someone woke up grumpy from nap time ~

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one of the greatest things about babies is how they will take the biggest shit and never lose eye contact with you

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